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Yes, I'm still feeling that new-fall warmth, and this DIY project is perfect for helping you get that warm, fall vibe in your home or apartment. This DIY tutorial comes from the incredibly creative people at Create Craft Love. These luminaries are incredibly easy to make, so you can make a few to decorate your living space.


For this project, you will need:
-- Mason jars
-- Leaf decals
-- Sponge brush
-- Paint (make sure it works on glass)
-- Clear sealant (optional)
-- Twine (optional)
You can find all of these items at a craft store.

Place the decal on the jar

Make sure you clean the jar before you start this project. Place the leaf decal on the jar. Make sure it is completely stuck on the glass.

Paint the jar

Use the sponge brush to paint the entire glass jar. Paint the entire jar. You might need to paint a couple of layers on the jar. Allow the coats of paint to dry completely in between each coat of paint. Remove the decal from the glass jar. If you want to provide more protection from the paint chipping, apply a coat of clear sealant spray to the jar.

Put a candle in the jar and enjoy your cute decoration!

You can add some twine to the top of the jar if you want to add more flair.
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