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for my 2nd forgotten anime ( I made my own series as I noticed anime I love might be too old for new gen) is golden boy! tah dah ! this is really short so just watch it lol. basically the main character is a perv, a very smart and noble perv.
the anime it self has 6 episodes and manga has 10 volumes golden boy II has 2 volumes and is way more on an adult genre. it's an adventure sex drama .
I usually don't like these type of anime, however... I love old anime and the main character is super funny and has great ( short) adventures.
I like to add anime to my watched list and this anime is so short I just had to. I'm sure you will get a good laugh out of this.
theres not too much to say about it since its so short. it's funny and has a great main character so watch it! =)
@Danse I love old anime.. thats why I started to do the forgotten anime series. old is good, very good, specially from like 80s 90s... hilarious
I see you have watched this =) its such a fun short to watch @normansmith
@electica Oh man this one brings back memories. I remember I had a friend that absolutely Loved Golden Boy. I personally loved his swimming talent. *snickers* :3
an amazing anime lost in time
@electica one of my all time favorites
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