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Hey guys! I was wondering what your favorite anime was. (: if I haven't watched it, it'll go on my list to watch
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all depends on what you like. everyone here said various action/horror anime. if you want to watch a funny harem look up highschool dxd, a funny and equally emotionally moving harem, date a live, a serious tsundere love anime, freezing (season 1), a slightly funny somewhat serious pg 13 action would be kill LA kill, a 4 season grey area dating and modern anime, familiar of zero that actually complete with a good ending. And as always, enjoy watching your anime!
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I like the anime kill la kill it was a great anime馃槅
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Attack on Titan
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fairy tail then mirai nikki
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man... it's hard for me to pick a favorite... I like Madoka Magica, Rosario + Vampire, and Sekirei!
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