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So I was just minding my own business on Facebook when I see this!!!!!! The angry boyfriend version of dance practice and I pretty much died as soon as I opened it! Yugyuem needs to stop being soo good looking hes too young for that.
Then I see pictures of got7 and when I first saw this like an idiot , I was like idk who that kid is but him and those eyes are gorgeous then I realized it was BAMBAM and that was it! idk what there trying to do to me but man they are too much
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@KpopGaby yes!!! I was like JR please stop right now because hes seriously a bias wrecker and @KellyOConnor yeah lately Yugyuem has been on a mission to kill me since hes too young for me and I dont like it haha
can they stop being amazing and let me do chores hahah @carolinacastane
Lord... I'd take angry Jaebum any day of the week. His face 😍😍😍. Just let me have you, JB.
@KiKi29 Right I thought he was good looking before but a mad JB......Thats just too much♥♥