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As I'm sure you all know by know it is Ladies Week here on Vingle, and if you don't then you definitely need to check out this card by the organizer of the event @shannon15 immediately ^-^
Anyway it works out quite well that its Ladies Week because as we had a male artist of the month last month, it's time for the females of K-Pop to step up once again and show us how amazing they are.
This month our artist of the month is none other than Heyne!!! If you aren't excited because you don't know who this not fret, for you soon will ^^ I'll have you fanmanning/fangirling over her quite soon I assure you ^-^

Who is Heyne?

well pay attention and I shall tell you ;P
Heyne is a singer and dancer under the label Crescendo Music, she is known for her unique vocals and character, both of which garnered her much attention and led to her being a popular guest on many radio shows, including "Younha's Starry Night" and "Super Junior's Kiss the Radio" programs. Every appearance on the radio shows ignited the Korean search engines with searches for both the show's names and hers!! (Sorry it's hard to find a lot of information about her)
You can find her profile >>here<<


Heyne's debut song "Dalla" was released on June 14, 2013. It was publicized by LOEN Ent.

Heyne - Dalla

Like seriously, how can you not fall in love with her while watching and listening to this, maybe I'm just crazy, or maybe I'm right in thinking she is amazing, probably both are true XD I adore this song,and how cute is she in this MV? You don't have to answer because I already know ^^ I'll do a full review of it later this month, along with reviews of all of her songs :D





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Credit to the owners of the Music Video and photos used in this card, I DO NOT own them!
Thank you for reading ^-^
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@KpopGaby very possibly, it's really difficult to find good information about her
@RachelParker your welcome :)
@MattK95 I think this is her. She has a very cute voice. She's adorable! You should check it out and maybe confirm unless you want me to find the shows and tag you in it and see if it's her.
@KpopGaby I'll look it up later and see, if it's her I'll make sure to let you know ^-^