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Hey mis amigos some of you may know, but I've been battling the flu like a tropper. I'm finally reaping victory!! Here is a link to my bio card. So, as I was in bed surrounded by empty bottles of water and tissue boxes it came to me like beam of light.

We really feel the most alive when we are closer to death...

Now I may be exaggerating, but it has been said that the living sick is like faintly between this world and the next. Especially, when ur SUPER SICK! ANYWHO! I was like in celebration of getting better and the spooky month of October let's do a resurrection card...Marvel Challenge Style! Pick at least one Marvel character that has been resurrected and dedicate this card to them. Be as creative as you want and tag ppl!



Originally, Titania she was once a female wrestler. She was resurrected from the underworld by Hood. Hood had abilities to resurrect criminals from the dead. Any, how she came back as Lascivious.
Quick bio. Link to source. Overall she was a B.A. before she was killed!
When she came back she teamed up with Letha. She had the ability to to control ppl with her words. She would make them often fall in love with her.


She was Lascivious' partner in crime before death and after. she too was resurrected by Hood.
Link to here bio..... She too is a bad mama! Her super strength was increased after her resurrection.
Random strips....
This is the series where they first appear. Don't quote me on that one!

What Characters will you pick who have been resurrected?!

thanks @shannonl5 I hope others will participate too!
AAAAAAH this is such a great challenge!!!! I'm glad you're getting better <3 I promise I'll do this soon :D :D :D
oh man im gonna have to do some real thinking on this one!
Solomon grundy
If this were Marvel x DC, I'd have chosen the entire Black Lantern Corps. Lmao
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