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This is why we love playoff baseball.

The Blue Jays and the Rangers played an absolutely WILD Game 5 last night in Toronto.
The game involved a strange non-call with a potential interference play. The Blue Jays' catcher hit the Rangers' Shin Soo Choo with the ball trying to throw it back to the pitcher. The runner on third base scored on the play, which was judged to be a live ball (correctly, according to the rules).
That made the game 4-3. It would have been an absolutely crushing way for the Blue Jays, World Series favorites for many, to have crashed out.

But then Jose Bautista came to bat, and ended the world.

I mean, that's attitude.

That's Bautista hitting the smack out of the ball. And letting everyone in the stadium know.

That's emotion.

That's passion.

That's talent.

Bautista is a great player to watch, and I have to say I'm happy to see the Blue Jays advance over the Rangers. They should put together a great series with the Royals!
national league takin it this year
@BossDominata I totally agree. I think it's fine to celebrate.
@mchlyang it's truly passion, talent and love for the game. Bautista went out and left his heart on the field. Great player!!!
@BEAUTYgirlARIEL The fans were absolutely horrible! They were throwing beer cans and it just made a beautiful season into an ugly one. I was glad the Blue Jays were doing really well, but after seeing how the fans reacted, I was utterly disappointed.
Haha! I get the passion, attitude, emotions, and getting caught up in the game. However, when you know that your reaction was disrespectful to the game, then you know how it's all going to play out. Jose said it himself, he realized after the fact what he had done. I commented on the card @christianmordi put up. It covered the same subject. They are a talented team, no doubt about it, but some players do have bad sportsmanship. The play before just set it off. Oh, and the score was Ranger 3- Jays 2 during that CRAZY play. Then Jose blasted the ball. Which was an awesome hit. I'm a true baseball fan so I hold no hard feelings. It's baseball and someone has to advance. My Texas Rangers had an awesome season and I'm a proud fan. I'm happy for the Blue Jays, but idk about their fan support. But good card @jeff4122
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