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Now we're getting down to the nitty-gritty.

I've already done the main previews of these teams before their ALDS series, so here let's take a quick look at what the American League Championship Series will look like.

Kansas City Royals

How they got here:

The Royals beat the Astros in 5 games, overcoming the beast that is Dallas Keuchel in Game 5 to take the series and advance. They're a great, great team, and it's going to be tough to beat them. They have played as the best-or-second-best team in the American League beasically from Day 1 of the season after making the World Series last year and it would be hard to bet against them. If they can beat Keuchel, they can beat anyone.

Toronto Blue Jays

How they got here:

The Blue Jays, who entered the playoffs as the popular pick to win the World Series, are coming off an extremely emotional 6-3 Game 5 win against the Rangers. They have the league's most powerful offense and have been absolutely rolling since the middle of the summer when they acquired Troy Tulowitski and David Price. They're extremely balanced and are a tough out on the road and at home.

My prediction:

It's really tough to call. The Royals have been more consistent, but that's only because the Blue Jays as they exist today had not been put together before the trade deadline. In my mind, they're the better team, if only slightly. I'm going to say Toronto gets it done, but it won't be easy.
Blue Jays in 6.
What do you guys say?
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I'm gonna go with the KC Royals on this one haha