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I'll find and post the first 2 as soon as I can... If you liked any of these and want to see the full video you can find them below.. enjoy and tell me what you think.
Robin Hoon, "Amaze Me"
Chi Chi, "Love is Energy"
100%, "U Beauty"
Blady, "Blood Type B Girl"
Boy's Republic, "Video Game"
Lipservice, "Yum Yum Yum" this one was really fun ㅋㅋㅋ
Royal Pirates, "Drawing the Line"
Bob Girls, "No Way"
Hotshot, "Midnight Sun"
WA$$UP, "Shut Up U" This took forever just because I actually had to listen to all the songs before I post them to ensure they were appropriate.
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What are you kidding!? this is vingle your suppose to it's a good way to see others
@jnguyen1121, after a few most people stop reading and even less people watch the videos...하하하
really? maybe I have a lot of patience I shouldn't though because my education is on the line haha @robertmarsh
mine too @jnguyen1121 😄