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Who else wishes Selina was our actual VP-turned-President?

There have been a lot of great fictional politicians on screen (Bartlett For America), but I think it's about time we openly admit that Selina Meyer of Veep is the fairest of them all. You know, in a secretly horrible way. She's outrageously funny and simply says what everyone else wishes they could.
Let's be real: we all have a Selina Meyer inside us. It's just that in most cases she's buried in a deep, dark place. But imagine what life could be like if you let her out...

Her words can literally kill.

Selina is the queen of the comeback. She can make you cry with one lethally-aimed sentence.

Her pessimism is contagious.

No one can admit it, but when you're tired and cranky the last thing you want is to be surrounded by smiling, happy faces.

She gets real about relationships.

Selina gives the best motherly advice.

She has high expectations and won't settle.

School group project flashbacks, am I right?

She calls out sexism.

#GirlPower #HBIC

Even champs can admit when they make a mistake.

You have this moment at least once a week.

What are your favorite Selina moments?

Finding a man who's the least horrible pretty much sums up my dating life.
XD I can't even pick, they're all too good