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There is a BIG difference between my favorite rewatchable film and the greatest films of all-time I have seen.
For example, I love "Hitch" by Will Smith with Eva Mendes. I can watch that movie to the cows come home. Or "Take Me Home Tonight" with Topher Grace. Both movies have great replay value and arent too heavy to enjoy.
Simply put, it doesn't have to leave me in awe to enjoy it. A rewatchable movie just have to make you feel good over and over again.
For those who love "rewatchable" movies, a group of fans got together and created a list of the most rewatchable movies of all time. You should give it a look!
The number nerds over at Five Thirty Eight ran a survey that “asked people to list the five films they consider the most rewatchable.” But after 4,362 entries from 1,169 respondents, here are the results.
1 Star Wars 98
2 The Wizard of Oz 76
3 The Sound of Music 58
4 The Lord of the Rings (series) 56
5 Gone With the Wind 52
6 The Godfather 45
6 The Princess Bride 45
8 The Shawshank Redemption 42
9 Harry Potter (series) 36
10 It’s a Wonderful Life 35
11 Forrest Gump 33
11 Grease 33
13 Dirty Dancing 32
14 Pulp Fiction 29
14 Titanic 29
16 The Lion King 28
16 Pretty Woman 28
18 Casablanca 27
19 The Matrix 25
19 The Notebook 25
21 Star Trek 24
21 Finding Nemo 24
23 Goodfellas 22
24 Pride & Prejudice 19
25 Caddyshack 18
25 The Avengers 18
After checking out the list, do you feel like the people got it right? If not feel free to shoot your favorite rewatchable movies in the comment section below!
I agree with mostly the whole list These are GREAT and wonderful movies :)
absolutely not! no list can ever be complete without toy story!! what about scrouge??? cape fear....the ten commandments
@MoisEsGaray 😃 ikr
@MelissaMae you are soooooooooooo very right my lady =^_^= hahaha
but i do really love its a wonderful life, grease and the lion king.
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