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Top knots and braids are a match made in hair heaven.

If you love your convenient top knots, than just wait until you get a taste of the braided top knot. It might sound super difficult, but it is just as easy to create. This hairstyle is perfect for those days you want your hair to look like you put in some effort minus the time. The braided top knot is not only stylishly chic, but you can literally wear it to the most casual of events to the most classy of events.
Let's just say, if you know how to braid than this hairstyle is absolutely perfect for you. Just in case your hair is in need of an updated look or you just need a style to pass time in the morning, this braided top knot [seen in the video above] will make those boring hair days some of the best hair days of your life.
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that is cool
Isn't it? :) @GabEllis
it is easy on the go
it is quick and easy :) jordanhamilton
Yessss' and quick & easy is always perfect! @GabEllis