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Fast & Furious has always done a great job with choosing the location of the film.
Each time out we get a new experience. While some hated "Tokyo Drift" I liked it a lot due to the unique setting and style of driving.
The first seven Fast & Furious were set in, in chronological order, Los Angeles, Miami, Tokyo, Panama, Brazil, London, and Los Angeles again (with a brief detour to Abu Dhabi). So where next?
According to Vin Diesel, the location of the film has been selected!
During an appearance on The Tonight Show, series star and mastermind Vin Diesel revealed that the next film will take place in New York City.
While New York is known for a bunch of cool sites for tourists to hit, I'm not too sure about the roads or driving in the city.
What do you guys think, is NYC the perfect place for the new film, or do you have a better city in mind?
@chrisbryant I feel you on Tokyo Drift, funny thing is that most people who are fans of the series hated that one.. personally I enjoyed it a lot. Cars and storyline were pretty good to me
somewhere different would be Australia or something really different...
my favorite one was Tokyo Drift
I think they will have to bring a whole new level of driving to thus cause case alot like Tokyo it's crowded and what comes that they have a lot of people to dodge and a lot of other cars and in Tokyo of the most of people walk so I think it might be twice the traffic to
I think they should do it somewhere like Greece, France or Germany..
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