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I've been single for the past four years.

To some that might sounds like centuries, where as for others that might not sound like a long time at all. My last relationship opened my eyes to a lot, so after I became single again I had a totally new state of mind on pretty much everything. I had to find myself all over again and in the end I ended up maturing. I didn't expect to learn as much about myself as I did and I'm extremely glad that through the entire journey of getting over my ex that I had the opportunity to find myself and learn to love myself along the way. I wouldn't say it was an easy process, but it was definitely one that was needed in order for me to grow and move forward in life.
I've grown to believe that we each go through certain situations in order to grow through situations and throughout the situations I was going through, it took me quite some time to realize that all the while I was growing spiritually and mentally. If you're going through a time in your life where you're trying to find your identity or learn to love yourself, trust me I know how confusing it can be. Hang in there, it's so worth it. If you need a little bit of positivity to continue to push you to the end, keep scrolling to find out what I learned about myself on my journey of being single.

I crave attention from the opposite sex.

I mean honestly, who doesn't like a little bit of attention? It's natural and as human beings, we want to feel as though someone cares. While I was on my journey of finding myself, I also found that I needed and wanted someone to show me that they cared so I would let people in my life before it was time. In the long run, I learned that the attention I was craving was actually attention I needed from myself.

I needed to focus my attention on other things.

Focusing on finding your next relationship or love interest too soon into the journey will slow the process down. Keep yourself busy, but don't focus on finding another companion before the healing process is completely over. You'll know whether it's over or not. Trust me.

It is perfectly okay to be that single friend.

I get it, all of your friends are in relationships and on the verge of getting married. So what? You never know how their relationship works, especially if you're on the outside looking in. More and more people are rushing relationships these days and then wonder why they happen to be failing so quickly. Enjoy being single while you have the opportunity. Use this time as an advantage to get to know yourself and get to know others on a friendly level. Besides, becoming friends first and foremost is always the key to longevity later on down the road.

No one will be able to love you better than you.

If you think that man can come into your life and sweep you off your feet, maybe he can. If you think he will and can treat you better than any other man has ever treated you in the past, maybe he can. But if you think this man can come into your life and give you more love and affection than you happen to give yourself, you're setting yourself and the relationship up for failure. If you don't love yourself completely, than a man won't be able to follow your lead. You must fully love yourself first and then let the man you're willing to let into your life love you just as much, but not more.
I truly hope that while you're on your single journey, you keep these four facts in mind and just remember that it's okay to be single.
We all have to find ourselves somewhere. Sometimes alone is the best place.
I know Right
awww thank you so much @MissB82, that means a lot & I'm glad that my words happened to resonate with you in a positive aspect.
Love this! And love that it come across as 100% authentic. Meaning that there's no doubt that you've journeyed to the depths of yourself but it's so nice to feel that genuine enlightenment through your words. :-)
so on point. I went back to graduate school. I realized I had forgotten myself while wrapped up in the relationship. Being single was a wake up call. I don't regret the relationship or its ending. I gained myself back. I re routed and realigned.
thank you so very much. that means a lot @myguardian
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