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Him and Chanyeol just don't know what they do to our poor little hearts! D.o just sounds so good on this I have to share!
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@sarcasticme101 I know right! my feels were not ready 馃槺
@CristinReynolds my first thought was sure I will let you be my boyfriend. then I got upset because he was so amazing, and chanyeol was so great with the guitar. Chanyeol is my bias so my feels were shot.
@sarcasticme101 then I am sure you have seen him singing the John Legend songs I about died his voice is so smooth! If I heard him and D.o sing one after the over they would have to scrap me up off the floor I would be so done lol. But for real though I would love if D.o was my boyfriend lol
@CristinReynolds no I haven't I'm going to go find him singing those songs though. Sadly where I live in the us we don't have many people who know of K-pop let alone like it, so it's hard to find information, and even on the internet. I always watch videos of control and other exo members singing songs either solo or with other members and it's so hard finding them. Yes D.O's voice actually can calm me down enough to where I fall asleep listening to it. If they sang a Sam smith song is physically die. the lyrics and their voices would be to much for me to exist anymore.
This is why I love YouTube @sarcasticme101 I also follow a lot of people on Instagram that help me stay in the loop being in the US is a struggle when it comes to the kpop feels ! I totally understand!