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We're no stranger to dramatic makeup that is ubiquitous with runway fashion shows. However, the last couple years have seen a real push for pulling elements from runway makeup and utilizing them in real world (everyday) makeup routines.
In keeping with what designers previewed for Pre-Fall and Fall fashion, here's an easy 3-step technique for pulling off the twin liner look, also known as dual winged or stacked liner. This comes from one of my favorite makeup tutorial sites online, Make Up For Ever, which also sells makeup products and the like.
To get the full impact of this twin liner effect, be sure to keep the rest of your makeup neutral without a lot of other dramatic elements. For instance, you don't want to match your liner color with your lipstick. Your lips should be muted and much lighter or at least, not as pigmented.
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Does this work with small eyes?
@marshalledgar Haha thank you for telling me ^^ Personally I don't like makeup on me but I am fascinated by it. My sister wants to use my face for her experiments so I'll tell her about this one for sure ^^ thank you :)
That's the best part about doesn't matter what size your eyes are. it's all about adding the wings on the end. thanks for asking @RaquelArredondo