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Last night was a big moment for the Toronto Blue Jays.

It's been 22 years since their last postseason appearance. Emotions were flaring on both sides in the loser-go-home game last night in Toronto.
The 7th inning was full of questionable calls and moments, but none greater than Jose Bautista's 3-run homer that sealed the game for the Blue Jays.
After Jose hit the homer, he stared down the pitcher and flung the bat. Texas fans and players were infuriated. Sam Dyson, who was the reliever on the mound had some choice words for Jose.
"I told him Jose needs to calm that down," Dyson said of his comments to Blue Jays designated hitter Edwin Encarnacion in the next at-bat after Bautista's blast, a confrontation that cleared the benches in the seventh inning of Toronto's 6-3 win. "Just kind of respect the game a little more."
"He's a huge role model for the younger generation that's coming up and playing this game," Dyson said of Bautista. "He's doing stuff that kids do in whiffle ball games and backyard baseball, it shouldn't be done."
Bautista shared what was going through his mind during the bat flip.
"I can't really remember what was going through my mind, to be quite honest with you," Bautista said. "After I made contact, I just, I didn't plan anything that I did. So I still don't even know how I did it. I just enjoyed the moment, ran around the bases, got to the dugout, and after all the guys stopped punching me and hitting me is when I started realizing what had happened."
Are the Rangers being too hard on Jose or was this done in poor taste? I mean, did we shame Jordan for sticking his tongue out to opponents or suck our teeth at Aaron Rodgers for his belt around the waist move after a touchdown?

Is Jose in the wrong here or is Texas being too sensitive?

@christianmordi The way I see it everyone was just heated and very sensitive at that point in the game. I mean the play before this caused a whole lot of unnecessary reaction from the Blue Jays and their fans. I get how Jose may have felt. He was just caught up in the game at that moment and it caused a reaction that's considered disrespectful to the game. He knows that. But it is what it us and it's done. This I'd just what I think. Thanks for the tag!😁
You guys are both right. But @BEAUTYgirlARIEL brought up a great point in @jeff4122's card when she mentioned the fans' reaction. Now that was uncalled for! Throwing beer cans? Trash? That's definitely not what baseball is about.
@mchlyang are you serious?! That's just awful!!! I would be crazzzzy mad if it was my kid! People really should learn to act like the adults they claim to be. >.<
@mchlyang I absolutely agree! That's not the way fans should ever act. It's ridiculous.
Yeah I'm thinking the same thing. It was just one if those things that happens in the moment. I don't think he meant to do it on purpose. But it's the playoffs... People are going to be fired up on both sides of the plate.
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