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Good news football fans, it's time for Thursday Night Football!
This week hosts another gem, as the New Orleans Saints take on the Atlanta Falcons. On the fence and worried you will choose the wrong team in your pick em' league? Have no fear! I will break down the teams and help lead you to victory.
The Falcons are 5-0 at the moment, but have they played anyone good?
The Texans and Giants are playing below their skill level, the Cowboys didn't have Romo or Dez Bryant and the Redskins are.. well the Redskins.
With that being said, Atlanta does have some talented players. Julio Jones looks like the best receiver in football this year. Running back Devonta Freeman has been on a tear as well and the defense looks much better than last year.
The Saints are 1-4 but have played a much tougher schedule. They also played a game with their star quarterback on the shelf. New Orleans is much better than their record suggests and Drew Brees has looked amazing in the past two games.
The Saints are playing at home against a division rival. They need this one, and I think they will get it. This will be a high scoring affair for sure, but the Saints will come out on top.
Do yourself a favor. Plug and play the Saints, you won't regret it.
Sorry I missed this post,however I knew the Saints were going to win. It was a donor die for them.
@travisbeck Yeah they needed this one way more than Atlanta.. plus they were playing at home. The Saints are way better than their 2-4 record at the moment
Mhm, me too.
Yep. He's the reason why I follow them.
My son is a sadpanda right now. Lol
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