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Alright people--ladies and gentlemen--it's time to wake up and take a stand.
What is ONE THING that you can do, today, right now, that will change your life?
And it can be just about anything!
For me, it's taking control of my body--how I work it, what I do to it, and how I fuel it. Basically, I just want to take full control of my physique. Pushing 40, I could make loads of excuses, which I already have, for postponing my training. But enough is enough. I don't want to turn 40 and then do something. If I can do something, then I should do something. Therefore, I have decided to use will power to make it happen.
The last 30 days have been incredible. I didn't see results that I wanted to see, but to be realistic, it takes at least 40 days to change habits and about 60-90 days to "see" results in the human body. So, I'm not completely worked up over the lack of progress.
I hope this quote gets you into the zone of making something happen--whatever it is. It could be anything. If it's in your power to make changes to get better results at something, then you owe it to yourself to take a stand and do it!
If you're curious about my workout journey, you can click here to see more.
There's a chocolate bar sitting right in front of me right now. I've already had I guess I'll let this one go and save it for next week or something!
(and yes, this was a very inspiration card ^_^ thank you <3 I choose that tonight, I will get enough sleep!!! I need it. Too much clubbing this weekend)
Hahah @marshalledgar what does a teaspoon of vinegar do??
@marshalledgar I'll go ahead and do that haha. Thanks for the advice!
yes! switch it out and swallow a teaspoon of vinegar
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