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So thanks to @kpopandkimchi I was able to see these lovely photos (idk how I missed them on instagram , must have been too distracted by GD and the other amazing guys haha) But these photos here gives me soo much life!!!!! One thing you guys dont know about me is I LOVE Paris Hilton!!!! Ive loved her for years!!! Ever since Paris & Nicole I seriously always wanted to meet her and always looked up to her! (Yes I know shes made a couple mistakes and I dont praise her for them but shes honestly the sweetest, smartest and most amazing person ever!Whether shes helping animals or talking to fans she is always caring) And If you guys didnt know already SHES NOT DUMB the only reason she talked like an idiot was because she got paid way more for it. but any way not to make this long This right here is the most perfect thing ever TAO AND PARIS!!! Talk about goals♥♡
And you ask yourself what can get better?!?!? oh you know just Tao with KENDALL JENNER!! Another fun fact I grew up watching keeping up with the khardashians and me and kendall being the same age ive always felt a connection with her and the family so this here makes me sooo happy!