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Here's a old picture I did while I was still in school about 3 years ago. Ooooh Wendy is just so cute to me(/^▽^)/ I love fairytail so much, it teaches me a lot about trust and friendship. I'm still learning how to trust though( ̄^ ̄) How about you guys? Has Fairyrail taught y'all anything??
Yea, it would be odd if I didn't notice that since I'm a girl myself! I drew her without erasing, which was a big feat for me😊 I just kept drawing and didn't care much since I'm impatient with drawing so I tend to not spend much time on any drawing:b My drawings are more matured now luckily and I hope to become a good, and come over my impatience
thanks for not butchering my"boo"
thank you
your pretty good
Looks good! Although it looks like her dress is a little low... I think it's below where her nipples would be to be honest... 😞