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The So I heard thru the grapevine that there is a possibility of a Naruto live action movie. It's only being talked about at this point, if even that. How do I feel about it?? Not that good to be honest with you. I have no idea if Hollywood is ready for such a venture. Granted, we have made a lot of good movies, but to take a story from another country and make a movie out of it is completely different. You have to think about the culture that the story 鈥渨as "raised in". Naruto touches on a lot of Japanese tradition and culture. If you know about either of these at all, you can feel (and see) them within the story. I truly and deeply love Japan and the people; this is why I am skeptical and defensive of the idea. If Hollywood is going to go this route, I hope that they would be courteous and mindful of all the fans that love this story. Also be mindful of Kishimoto-san, because there are many, me included, that respect him as a writer/artist. If you are a fan of Naruto (and Japan ), I hope you see where I'm coming from.
OH NOOOOOOO! They already screwed up Dragon Ball!
if Hollywood gonna do this then they should have some people that help created Naruto on the production crew so it won't be completely off or disrespectful to Japan and the anime lovers all over the world
Well I think every great anime deserves a crappy live action adaptation
yeah but I feel like they will mess it up like they have with almost every other movie ya know? :/
Hollywood better get this right! None of this artistic license crap!! The biggest problem about The Last Airbender, in my opinion, was Shamalan. Hollywood either better stick to the script, or let Kishimoto and the Japanese entertainment company take of it. I hope they know how much major pressure they have to do this right.
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