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SAVIORS END PIRATES! :) The jolly roger is so awesome! Announcing a Fun One Piece Game!! @Danse
1) Alucard (Captin) Alucard can't be killed unless he wills it to be so.. He said himself only a man can kill a monster, and I don't think saiyans are humans. The only way someone could kill Alucard is if he is really that bored and believes that a specific human is worthy of killing him. So him being omnipresent and nowhere at all there is no way for him to be killed
2) Melodas. This guy is just awesome he looks like a 12 year old boy but infact he is a 2000+ year old demon human hybrid who can speed blitz has super physical strength in the manga he split a mountain in two with a stick just see the anime nanatsu no taizai or seven deadly sins in English its very new it has only 19 episodes but its ongoing the manga is from 2 years its going to be one of the greatest anime and for meliodas he has a demon like form where he can probably destroy a whole mountain with a punch has an abillity which reflects attacks like kamehameha or rasengan or getsuga tenshou has the ability to heal incapacitated arms or legs.
3) Kakashi He's a complex character, with an iconic character design and a laid back attitude that just exudes cool. He's the kind of teacher everyone wishes they had; smart, relatable, chill, and utterly devoted to his students
4) Brooke Though he often gets scared easily by powerful enemies or the supernatural, he can be very calm and fearless to defend his crew. Plus who wouldnt want a musician.
5) Erza Erza Scarlet is a S-class mage of the Fairy Tail Guild, the strongest still active female, and one of the main female protagonists in Team Natsu.
6) Light This guy is so average compared to all the superpowered freaks above". But then I started realizing just how powerful Light really is. This is for the strongest anime character right? I am not going to go in the direction that strength comes from the mind. No, I am going to say that Light here can simply right a name down and that person is dead... over... finished.
7) Levi Levi is known as humanity's most powerful soldier. His rank is a Captain in the Scouting Legion division. Levi is also the leader of the Special Operations Squad, an elite team that he hand-picked in order to protect Eren Yeager. While it is said that he is blunt and unapproachable, it is noted that he has a strong respect for structure and discipline.
8) Hisoka Notorious for his cruel and deceitful fighting ability, Hisoka has proven to be deadly. His deviousness and volatility has made many opponents have difficulty anticipating his next move, and this has led to him winning many battles. Using Shu powered poker cards as his primary weapon, he throws them with ease and deadly accuracy.
9) Rias Gremory A 12th grade student and the prettiest girl in the academy. Comes from the old noble of pure devils, the house of Gremory, a top-class devil who is called a genius nicknamed "Crimson Ruin Princess". Her brother is in fact one of the Yondai-Maou, Lucifer. Both of them possess the power of destruction. She revives Issei as her servant after finding him dead, killed by a fallen-angel and possessing a rare Sacred Gear.
! cool. check mines out =) I loved this challenge and we thought of the same one character for the same reason .
It's cool even if you didn't. :)) Waiting is hard sometimes, haha. I'd like to draw mine as well but I sort of just tossed it in Photoshop and did a really messy rendition. :|
Oh man... I'd be weary of this crew. That's a lot of crazy going on. Humanity's strongest, Erza, Alucard, Light (That's almost like a sort of devil fruit ability being able to write names down and kill people off, don't you think? lol), Kakashi can run with the best of them- The others are all well thought out too. Great job! I like the Saviors End Pirates. :)) And yes the jolly roger is awesome too.
@Danse I think my crew is pretty balanced or over power cus of light! ;)
@Danse i was gonna actually going to draw it butvi didnt want to wait.
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