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Post dedicated to Jin
I'll try my best to make this :D (Sorry if it makes you cringe)
You are much more than a pretty face. You can be awkward and a dork at times, but when you are on stage, you look like you're enjoying yourself and giving it your all. I hope that part never changes :) Thank you for being the mother of the group, always taking care of the boys. Sometimes I feel like I can relate to you, so when I see you on stage singing, I feel like I can accomplish anything. You may not be the best at dancing, but it's obvious that you practice a lot to keep up the others. I admire that. You're always improving and I love that. When you post your eating videos, it makes me happy (and hungry) to see you enjoying the food you're eating. I wish you happiness (and more delicious food) for the rest of your life. I love you :) *hides away in embarrassment*
Jin Fighting!! ♥♥♥♥
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