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A couple hours ago Tao released a new song called 'Reluctantly'. This song made me feel some type of way. You can literally feel the feelings he put into this song just like the other ones but this one got the tears out of me.

Listen For Yourself!!

Hope All You Exo-Ls Keep On Supporting Tao Just Like I Am Because Dam Does He Have Talent!! Feel free to comment down below or clip this card! Hope Ya'll Keep Having a Great Day! ♡
BTW why isn't there a Z.Tao Community on Vingle?? 😕
Tao has been breaking my heart in the best way with this solo album.
im at work right now :/ but I'm soooo excited to listen to it as soon as I get off!!!! I love tao and his beautiful music not one song of his is bad
@Ercurrent I know right but I think this song is going to be my favorite!
@Marilovexoxo Girl you make that money! & he'll be waiting for you to listen to his awesome voice! :)