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Does anyone watch/read bleach?? 😁😁
~~~ I've just noticed I pasted stuff about my favorite bleach character "Hanataro yamada" and I'm not getting very much action or even a response for that matter -_-! lol... I downloaded this app because it said I would meet people with my same interests, but it doesn't appear that anyone's even using it.....~>_<~. I really love the format of this app I enjoy posting cards but I really enjoy the comments and likes I could receive(*^﹏^*).....I noticed a lot of people view my cards..... But only a few people have even liked them(~_~パ).... My apologies for the rant heh heh. P.s to all who may read this in the future please like and comment on my stuffs! Lolz I will love you forever haha of course it would help if you actually liked it lol.
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