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I came across some of the worst tattoos I've ever seen. I mean really had these people ever heard of not going to a backyard to get your tattoo. Not only that but a lot of them made a bad chose in tattoos. Please people get your tattoos from professionals. So sit back grab popcorn and prepare to laugh at some of these tattoos.
10. The I'm not to sure who I like better tattoo. This person must of really loved both superman and batman or that tattoo artist has never heard of these people.
9. 'It's is my life' Yes of course it's your life but I'm pretty sure your tattoo artist needs to go back to school...
8. Just why? Why even get this tattoo and not only that but what even is happy cheese? And why does it cost 35 dollars!!
7. 'Regret nohing' I'm pretty sure you're going to regret that.
6. Just no No this is not ok. Why?? Why would you get that.
5. Michael Jackson. I can never look at him the same way again.
4. This just speaks for it's self.
3. Another poor animal. Who keeps tattooing these. They are so bad...
2.Elvis Those eyes look so soulless.
1. Oh mama I have no words for this... I'm speechless.
So what did you guys think. Is there any I missed? Which tattoo do you think was the worst? Any suggestions on my next Top 10?
@ypl333 She must really hate her face lol.
@danidee Oh you were talking about the actually tatto on the face XD I thought you were talking about the tattoos of people's face. And yes that tattoo is disturbing. What could of possessed her to get that thing.
@ypl333 The one where the girl got it on her actual face. I'm like O.O
oh my...I may NEVER sleep peacefully again.... and I can't stop laughing lol! That last one wow..just wow馃槼馃榿馃槀馃槀
@danidee Which face tattoo? The nose and mouth on the last one is so weird looking.
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