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--------------------------------------------------------- Hang Ah went to a commoner's house to ask for help. The house owner gave her tea, and said, "You have to go." (She was trying to help, but too bad the police came!! She was arrested and she as accused as a North Korean refugee who escaped. And you know what, the investigator received a call from John Mayer! He is really behind all these actions! Interesting though, Hang Ah who was imprisoned, exercise a lot in jail. She's so strong! While she was exercising, she felt someone pat her from her back. It was Jae Ha! Jae Ha was sitting next to her and hug her!!! But too bad it was all her imagination. Meanwhile in Korea, Si Kyung met his father who were fishing. The scenery is really pretty!! He is back on track now. He already forgave his dad now. And he smiled!! (I think he is planning something else). So he is! He said, he want to take a leave and go to China. (I think he want to find John Mayer). His leave was disapproved by his superior, but he insisted! He wanted to see Jae Ha in the office, but Jae Ha refused to see him. So, Si kyung screamed in front of him, "Lee Jae Ha, please be stronger!" I will come back from China safely." Jae Ha told Si Kyung to meet Jae Shin before he leave. Si Kyung wanted to meet Jae Shin, as person to person. But Jae Ha told him to meet Jae Shin as a man to a woman kkkkk. Jae Ha ordered all the guard to prepare a place for them to meet and not let anyone come close within 2 km. Wow! Si Kyung is really nervous!!! 
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@satsuki92 did u see what happen after Si Kyung kissed Jae Shin?? HAHAHA he was just surprised with himself kkk "OMG i just kissed the princess!!!" that cracked me up
@zssphaily totally man! i didnt expect him to be the one to call Shi Kyung out on his "she and i belong to 2 different worlds, i aint good enough for her BOO FREAKIN' HOO" moment. Jae-Ha-yah DAEBAK!
I love how Jae Ha is a Shi Kyung-Jae Shin shipper, so cute ^__^
im reading!!! got side-tracked by school work -_- thanks for the live recap ;)
@mdemOiselle28 thanksss and have a nice lunchhhh im going to bedddd nowww dadeul jaljayo (everyone, good night!)
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