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Its women's empowerment week here at vingle and I am loving every single card posted. Hysterical female comedian shout outs in the funny community, women super heroes crushing the comics and marvel communities, and amazing and embowering quotes form female authors and characters are just exploding EVERYWHERE!
I think I finally found my happy place.
But lets take a quick moment to talk about us normal women and how we all are (even if you don't feel it you are trust me) strong, empowered, and amazing women.
While Moms seriously get a ton of credit (we would know half of us are moms and almost all the rest will be at some point), lets remember that Dad plays a serious role in making sure we don't let any patriarchy control us...even if they don't realize it at the time.

1. They always focused on our brain

Opinionated, loud, and top in the class? Fuck yeah thats daddies little girl! Dad's who focused on our brains, who always told us too speak our mind and raise our hand in class taught us at a young age that real men listen and appreciate what a woman has to say.
So deuces Ariel, because my Dad thinks giving up your voice for the first hot guy you see is stupid and so do I.

2. They went to your sporting events AND your dance recitals.

Now....I'm not saying they loveddddd going to the dance recitals and wadding though 3 hours of little kids who really don't even know what the hell is going on just to watch your solo but, they went. And they brought you flowers. And they made sure to tell you that whatever you are doing, it is important.

3. There was never any "just for boys" bullshit.

Your dad may have loved you in your cute dance costume but he loved you even more when you were tearing it up on any field. And if some bully got in your face he told you to stand up for yourself and not wait for some knight in shinning armor to rescue you.
You don't need no man ... except maybe for him.

4. He instilled an independence that is hard to break.

Yes, he might like your significant other (or at least tolerate them) but he taught you to take care of yourself, speak your mind, always have a back up plan, your own income, and to never ever accept anything short of adoration from your partner.
They taught you your self worth, they helped cultivate it all these years, and it will take something way more then a boy/girlfriend to tear that apart.

So thanks Dads, for teaching us girls at such a young age that we are awesome, and strong and important.

And's clear you are the one who raised me a feminist, even if you will never admit it.
@MaighdlinS sometimes parents need to be taken with a grain of salt don't worry !! We all have some issue like that with our parents
@LizArnone that's what I tell him. He'll never apologize to me for being that way... even when he knows he's hurt me...
love this so much! I love up to my dad for much for making me strong and independent, and also encouraging me to do whatever I wanted without gender stereotypes.
this is so true! My daddy helped shape me into the independent young lady I am.
@MaighdlinS wooowwww. That make me seriously sad :( you're role as a woman is whatever the hell you want it to be :)
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