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According to insiders, BIGBANG has confirmed on their performance at “2015 Melon Music Awards” to be held on the 7th next month at Olympic Gymnastics Hall in Seoul. Even though BIGBANG has recently been carrying out hectic schedule for their world tour, BIGBANG confirmed their performance at the awards, as “Melon Music Awards” requested BIGBANG’s performance from two months before. BIGBANG’s performance at the awards has all the more significant meaning, as BIGBANG has actively performed this year. BIGBANG released new songs every month from May this year, when they began comeback project “MADE” series. All the songs released from May to August this year, including “LOSER”, “BANG BANG BANG”, “IF YOU”, and “LET’S NOT FALL IN LOVE”, drew big popularity, sweeping the No.1 on music charts and recording long-run hit. As BIGBANG has confirmed their participation in the awards, music fans are expecting that other YG artists will also perform at the awards. “AS BIGBANG’S PARTICIPATION HAS BEEN CONFIRMED, WE EXPECT THAT OTHER YG ARTISTS WILL ALSO PERFORM FOR OUR AWARDS”. On contrary, BIGBANG’s participation in the Melon Music Awards will give higher possibility that BIGBANG will not participate in Mnet’s MAMA for this year. Regarding news reports about YG’s boycott against MAMA, Mnet officially responded,“We’re in the process of sorting out candidate songs before the vote (on awardees)”.However, considering BIGBANG’s current schedule that has no room to add anything right away, BIGBANG’s performance at MAMA will be difficult without adjustment in their schedule in advance. As BIGBANG swept all music charts with their “MADE” series project for four months from May this year, it will not be easy to select the awardees for end-of-year music festivals without BIGBANG. That might be something that Mnet is pondering upon now. Meanwhile, BIGBANG is carrying out their world tour successfully, drawing total 87,000 fans in Western America in Las Vegas, LA, Anaheim, as well as in Mexico, New Jersey, the United States, and Toronto, Canada. BIGBANG will continue with their world tour in Australia from the 18 this month. SOURCEOsen , yg-life OMG SO EXCITED...YEESSSSSS.. Thnks God...
At least there will definitely be vids on YT but idk about watching it live :/ Hopefully someone finds a stream! @Ashby
I hope so, I need to see them perform again!
How can we watch it? Will it be something we can find on TV? Or will we have to stream it via the Internet? Will we be able to watch it at all? I need to know these things lol