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A cutesy Hanataro and Seinsosuke clip / manga-comic strip馃槏馃槏
(( now this was translated by a good friend, sadly I don't know any Japanese myself...but would like to learn lol (*^锕廭*)) please enjoy hehe ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pannel #1: * So on the first panel Seinosuke just got a bento box given from one of his colleagues in soul society. Seinosuke: "One of my colleagues had made you a bento box to bring for school." Hanataro: *gets sooo excited* "Oh goody/horray I got a bento box from Nii-san!" panel # 2: *So hanataro takes it and babbles on about what could be inside the bento box * Hanataro: "it could be a rabbit made out of rice and carrots!? What do u think Nii-San?" Seinosuke: "Just take the box with you or you'll be late for school." panel # 3 : Then Seinosuke says, "Make sure you don't run with your bento box or you'll ruin it...take it and go.(>_<)" Panel # 4: * But Hanataro - being sooo curious, opens the box not knowing it's a lobster... Seinosuke: "Now be careful when u open it." Panel # 5: Hanataro: "KYAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! O_o" Seinosuke: "Why the hell did he give u a lobster for lunch!?? and which I said to make u something cute!?" ( this was so adorable when my friend translate for me I felt like heaven on earth, I hope you all enjoy and please comment and tell me what you think? *^锕廭* )
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