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Take a look at this gorgeous Fall sweet table idea for a wedding! Everything about this feels Fall-centric and utterly magical.
Here's a quick way to make your sweet table--regardless of the time of year--on point and season-ready:
Foods: While the types of sweets will often be the same, you want to include things that are particularly only served during that time of year. In this case (as seen in the photo), there are candy apples and apple cider doughnuts.
Decor: Keep your decor consistent with the thematics of your wedding and the season. Here, you can see Fall leaves and a swag of burlap banner referencing the season. Mixed in is the rustic look of shabby furniture, dresser drawers, vintage pedestals and crates. Notice, too, that the background is a wall of aged wood.
Variety: You don't need 100 items of everything that you plan to serve. But you do need variety. Make sure there are plenty of food options to choose from. And remember, the portions do not need to be humongous. People need something to look at and inspire them to gravitate toward.
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