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If you love traveling, writing and reading or just love finding yourself lost in a magical story taking place in a far away place, I have the most perfect book for you.

Its called Better Than Fiction: True Travel Tales From Great Fiction Writers by Don George.

And it is the coolest anthology ever!
Its a ton of short little stories written by famous and fantastic fiction writers about their true traveling stories. I know I know fiction writers writing non fiction; sounds crazy! But its seriously works. There are dozens of excerpts that take place from across the globe and I am already losing myself in little towns in Mexico and the great expanse of Alaska.
These stories are beautifully written and help you travel around the world with a turn of a page. And until you have enough money to actually get on a plane....this book will be more than enough.
Happy Reading!
Woah @LizArnone I'm going to pick this one up immediately! It sounds like a great read!
@WiviDemol if anything get it on amazon!! its so good
I want this book. I hope I can find one here
lizarnone@can I borrow it:)))
@TessStevens the more I read the more I love it !!! Although warning IT WILL MAKE YOU NEED TO TRAVEL ASAP! It's magical