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Honestly, I'm not into a lot of female singers/groups but I do know some songs that managed to capture my heart ^^ I'm sorry if this might not be a good card @MattK95. Like I said, I don't listen to a lot of female singers/groups. Bear with me guys >.

Red Velvet- Oh Boy

Ever since I listened to Red Velvet's album 'The Red' I fell in love with this song. This is the type of music that swoons me. Believe it or not, I loved it to the point that I shed tears...real tears...

Girl's Day- Look At Me

Their voices were amazing here (well you hear Minah all the time but I don't mind. I envy her voice >.). Like there is something about the song that just hit me instantly and I just love it...

Amber ft. Eric Nam- I Just Wanna

Just admit that this was the song of the year! We got to hear more of Amber's voice and I knew she had it in her just SM being stupid enough to make her a rapper when honestly, f(x) doesn't need a rapper. Their songs would be so much better without rap. I'm glad Amber had the chance to go solo and showcase the voice she's been hiding. Amazing job dude!

TaeTiSeo- Baby Steps

I'm not a Sone whatsoever but TaeTiSeo hits me a lot with their songs, especially this one! Oh goodness girls...

SNSD- Lion Heart

I have no idea why people disliked this song?!?! This was my favorite along with You Think but Lion Heart instantly hit me with feels. I would say it was more because of Yuri. Her voice was the sweetest thing ever ^^

Red Velvet- Candy

I adore Joy's voice in this song. Definitely fits her, well not only this song but I don't know...this song in general I love!
I don't know if you have noticed but I'm in to depressing type of songs. I'm a very bright person with just a dark mentality where I love the dark things (not all the time). But I'm a huge Red Velvet fan! They're the only girl group where I'll be willing to like follow and stay up to date with them compared to others :) So spam me with Red Velvet and Imma love you for an eternity ^_^ Anyways, I hope you guys liked this card and I'll see ya soon ^_^ Bbyong~
welcome 馃槉
good your list
OMG I love that most of these werent singles and I loooooooove how much red velvet is on this card ahahhahah
@kpopandkimchi It's always the non-title tracks that always hit me in the feels~ and yaaaas~ Red Velvet is LIFEUUUU~