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I want to draw your attention to the lighting in this picture. Yes, it's a wedding reception, what's the big deal? Well, a lot actually.
You can have the most beautifully designed wedding ever, but without the right lighting, who will see it? And think of all the money you will have spent! Back when I worked for a designer in South Florida, I remember him telling me that one of the most crucial elements of the event is the lighting. It's what has the power to make or break the entire thing.
And he was right. How many weddings (or events) have you been to and walked away less then impressed because of the lighting? I remember a particular wedding that I had gone to where the cake was on its own table without any lighting! It was terrible! No one could see it or what was going on when it was time to cut the cake.
Make sure that you have a lighting budget if you are doing this yourself. Otherwise, make sure that your design team addresses the lighting for your wedding. It should be clear and easy to understand. And if your design team doesn't have lighting, I would fire them and go with another designer!
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