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The King 2 Hearts Ep 18 - LIVE recap + screenshots - Part 2
--------------------------------------------------------- I prepared this card only for Jae Shin and Si Kyung! This is their moment! They met each other, and Jae Shin didn;t want to see him because she is embarrassed about what happened and about the fact that she killed her own brother. Si Kyung told her the same thing about his father too. They now get along and he piggyback her! He told her, he's going to China and take his leave, so meanwhile he is not there, he told Jae Shin to take care herself!! He put Jae Shin back to the wheelchair..and Jae Shin kissed him!!!! After that, she said, "What now?" And Si Kyung kissed her back!! (I think he was surprised with his own action coz after that he jumped back suddenly). But I'm happy!! 
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