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Okay, I really really need Tokyo Ghoul in my life again. So I was wondering if anyone knew if there really is going to be a season three. I have heard rumors that it was going to be canceled but I have also heard that they will continue. I was just wondering if anyone knew what was happening. I am having serious withdrawals and keep rewatching seasons one and two. So, yeah, opinions, comments, info, whatever input you want to share, go ahead!
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@summerelder21 OMG YES, like, can this be a real thing please!
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@GrplvDanny lol I wish
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@summerelder21 we will make it happen!
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well, Tokyo Ghoul: Jack came out today, so I think they might wait for season 3. But I want it really bad!!!
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:O oooooh! I had no idea that jack came out today! That is true, it probably got postponed (I hope that's the case) I need season 3! @sinalaseyam
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