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You guys, this is my very first try at drawing an anime person. I usually like to stick to cartoon characters and animals, but I figured that for the second half of Inktober, I should focus on building skills I don't think I'm necessarily great at! Anyway, what do you all think? I need to figure out a way to convey that someone's hair is dark via ink pens without whipping out a colored pencil or just making the whole thing solid. Next time I draw someone with dark hair, I might try a new technique!
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@Danse @AimeeH I'M HAPPY! :D This is really my first time drawing an anime girl, and the big eyes versus super tiny nose and mouth thing is really intimidating because you really need to focus on the placement.. o.o And @matildajgarrett That sounds rad. How many days is it?
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@danidee I think only one, but I'm not sure. It's on this Saturday ^^
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@matildajgarrett Have fuuun!! ^^
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@AllissaNagle Do you gusta??
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