Hi people! (@KittyCommittee) I FINALLY finished drawing my OC for Mermaid's Storm! Masako Ono is my name and I'm fourteen years old. ^^ Come join the guild!
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And you have the full right to do so. I just have the inability to think before I act because of my Aspergers. Atop of being a teenager and having Bipolar disorder, I have the worst mood swings. Plus, I'm a Scorpio. Anyone who has to deal with me trash talking them can rightfully stand up for themselves.
@y0umakemesad you're fine, we each have our separate situations that can almost speak for themselves (mine with the help of @KittyCommitte. Thank you!!).
@matildajgarrett :OOO I didn't know you drew anime!! What program do you use?
@danidee I use an app called Autodesk Sketchbook, it's free but there's a full version. I use the free version, and it's really cool!
@matildajgarrett I'll have to try it. I just bought a wacom tablet this summer, and I'm trying to get into using it more!