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You guys, this isn't even a photoshopped picture. In fact, this isn't even the only time someone's accidentally driven their car into a Starbucks. How? Why? Is it the lack of coffee?
Yikes! Hope no one was hurt!!!!
Dunkin Donuts have a drive thru.... Why don't you? Let me start one for you. Zoom one venti green tea frape please!!!
@marshalledgar According to articles I read about this, three people were injured but nothing life-threatening happened - thank goodness! And @RobertMarsh @ChriSingularis I used to work at a Starbucks drive-thru actually.. o.o It was the worst. Especially when people didn't pull up close enough to the window and you accidentally spill white mocha latte all over the side of their SUV.
on the bright side, they really needed a drive thru
XD There was a chinese food restaurant near where I lived a few years ago and one day I was walking past and there was a car halfway through the front window. Obviously they were closed for a few weeks to repair the damage, but they left this really passive aggressive note in the window. "We were hit by a car so we're closed" or something like that XD