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My Fav Member of Red Velvet Will Sing for an OST!
Great news for the OST lovers of Vingle...

Wendy is singing for yet another OST!

This time for JTBC‘s drama called “D-Day" with a song called “Let You Know.”
So in case you guys didn't know...


She's an incredible singer.

Red Velvet posted a live practice video and she was the only member that not only sang the whole song but NAILED every note.
(Start around 0:47 for the dance...She's in the red and yellow striped shirt!)

Wendy & Yuk Ji Dam - Return (후아유)

[Who are You School 2015] OST Part 7
Her powerful vocals are so perfect for this song. This song makes me want to cry every time and the rap is so awesome.

Wendy - Because I Love You

[Mimi] OST

She even did an OST as a ROOKIE!!!

Please give her a lot of love, she's so wonderful.

she's goiing to bless everyone
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OMG I love Wendy 💖💖💖 Red Velvet is just so perfect and ugh and now another ost from Wendy~~ I'm in heaven!!!
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