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Boys in winter clothing = hell yes.
I have to say that VIXX (and Jellyfish Entertainment, of course) did an excellent job with this video. Everything from the outfits to the scenery to their acting is perfect.
This is another video where, in my opinion, VIXX is in their element. They were able to take on the concept of the song/video and nail it. What else is there to say?
PS: What is the background vocal saying? Asleep? Ass leak?
I love this song soooooo much!!!! Plus your captions as always had me bursting out laughing, eliciting some very strange looks from those around me XD I think this video perfect, as you said from the outfits to the scenery, all amazing and all though I'm definitely straight I don't mind saying these guys are freakin sexy in this MV how do some VIXX fans not like this?!?? That confuses me, anyway as for the background vocals I seriously hope they are saying asleep not ass leak...cause you know that would be this point it wouldn't change how much I love the song though :/ lol
I remember when this video came out and I was blooooown away. This is such a beautiful song and video and I love your analysis (your hyuk comments made me laugh outloud)
"I'm so distracted by their good looks that I can't even talk" <---me always when it comes to vixx hahahha
@MattK95 @kpopandkimchi I'm glad I could make you guys laugh :)
I like this video.