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We already learned from @JordanHamilton that lip liners are a girl's best friend, which you can READ ALL ABOUT IT HERE. (and you really should because the NARS line of lip liners is giving me LIFE!) So how should you make them work for your wedding day (or any other day)?
Depending on "the look" you're going for, typically, you want to choose a lip liner that is the same shade of your lip color/stain/stick/etc. You can go super subtle by choosing a color that is less pigmented than the lip color or you can go darker to amp up the drama.
HOWEVER, you need to get your lip line on point to carry a look for your lips that screams perfection--even if it isn't. Because let's face it, who's perfect?
Pro Tip 1: Your lip liner should be smooth and free of debris or chunks. It should glide with ease and not skip. To bring brittle or dried out liners back to life, apply a gentle heat source to the tip for a second. Don't go crazy with it, you don't want it melting.
Pro Tip 2: Give your lips expert photo-ready perfection by applying concealer around your lips to make them pop and beyond amazing!
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