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After searching and watching many videos of girl groups/solo artists these are the ones I liked the best. @MattK95
For Happy Songs : 1.Crayon Pop- Bar Bar Bar 2. Strawberry Milk- OK 3.Red Velvet- Ice Cream Cake 4.Red Velvet- Dumb Dumb
1. Brown Eyes Girls- Kill Bill (loved the movies and love this song) 2. 2ne1- I am the Best 3. Ailee- I'll Show You
A little bit different songs but these are also good
And last but not least my favorite song Stand Up by J-min I hoped you liked my list It's my first time making a playlist of girl groups I had fun looking up different ones. Maybe I should give them a chance more often :)
I love all of Lee Hi's music! It's such a different sound from typical Kpop and she's just so cute!
@kpopandkimchi I just happened to run across her music and it caught my attention. She has a unique voice almost like a 50s singer (which I love 50s music).