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--------------------------------------------------------- Jae Ha went to see Royal Secretary and ask him to go back to the palace! Yeay! They also finally found Hang Ah's location by using the satelite. After that, Jae Ha went to a press conference. He announced to the public that John Mayer killed the former King! He showed all the record of his conversation. Jae Ha said, "I will fight him." Meanwhile, royal secretary tried to work on the lawsuit to sue Club M for their actions. There is an interesting incident though in Club M, the western guy who works for John Meyer tried to betray him! Hahaha! So his employee also hates him?? But finally that guy died killed by John Mayer of course. Si Kyung managed to go to John Mayer's house, but he was arrested!! That evil woman was really good. She beat him and got him arrested. She also put him on torture :( That evil woman tried to break his finger and keep hurting him!!! Meanwhile, Hang Ah who is in jail, received treatment from the medical staff there, but suddenly she threaten the doctor, and ask the doctor to lend her cellphone. She called Jae Ha and told her location!! But that call didn't last long because all the police came to arrest her TT 
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@dramaqueen282 i know right! so much for spewing those dramatic lines in the rain -_- the fishing scene was so out of the blue right?!!?! I think what Shi Kyung did, in going to Bong Gu's side, wasn't entirely to "repay" his father's debts. In my opinion, he sincerely wants to put an end to all of the sufferings Bong Gu is causing, for the sake of everyone in the Royal Family not just because of his guilt. cause yknow he's the captain of the royal guard and all and self-lessness is programmed into our dear earnest bot.
@satsuki92 im totally with you! wat happen with all "this is the last time you will see me" thing and the next thing we know they are fishing together~ hahaha but Si Kyung is nice though, he want to "pay" all his father's debts..thats why he endure all the torture from that evil woman!
@felimagda is it just me who thought that the reconciliation scene between son and father happened too soon? after Shi Kyung's berlin-wall-came-tumbling-down outburst, i was expecting him to only forgive his father at least 2 episodes later. not that im complaining about the happy-together moment
thank you sapphire148 im glad that royal secretary joind them back