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Lee Min Ho Battle of the Roles

Between these two roles, which is your favorite Lee Min Ho?!

Gu Jun Pyo

Minho's role in Boys Over Flowers!
The spoiled, bratty rich kid who becomes softer and kinder because of love.

Lee Yun Seong

Minho's role in City Hunter!
A revenge-seeking spy set to honor his father.

Leave your answers in the comments!

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@B1A4BTS5ever @StarBabes @RobertMarsh @baozidonut @luna1171 @KellyOConnor @edwey66 @Starbell808 @LinnyOk Junpyo seems to be the fav so far, but I agree City Hunter is SUCH a good drama!
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Goo Jun Pyo...although I saw him first in City Hunter...but that role got me in 'Boys over flowers' :)
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His role in City Hunter...
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to me they both was kind of the same. just rasied differently. Boys over flowers he changed due to love and same wit city hunter.
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