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Hey guys!! I'm doing another impressions card about an anime I'm thinking about getting into :) I'm trying to do a bunch of these before the season gets going too much, so forgive me XD
I decided to watch 2 episodes of The Asterisk War before writing this one today, so

here are my first impressions of Asterisk War!

Thoughts Before Starting:
The poster of this anime was one of the two that caught my eye the most when checking out what would be airing this season! While I've seen anime with a similar plot before, I felt like this one would be worth checking out. Plus, @CarlosG @EduardoPontier @ConnerThompson @Cager and @SAGEOTAKU allllll told me it's worth checking out (especially you Cager lol) so I'm gonna give it a go!
Anime Details
Title: The Asterick War/Gakusen Toshi Asterisk
Episodes: 12
Currently airing: Oct 3, 2015 to Dec 19, 2015
(Warnings: harem, ecchi. I'm calling this warnings bc some people don't like it! hahaha)

Initial Impressions:

I really think I'm going to keep up with this one, too! I'm worried I won't like Rakudai kishi no cavalry after watching this one (because I heard they have very similar plots, and whichever one you watch first is likely to be your favorite), but I'll give it a try anyways!
I really love the weapons in this! They're clearly magical and otherworldly in some way, but they're still kind of understandable because they look like normal weapons. I really love the mystery of the weapons and what their power could do for you too so I'm looking forward to learning more about that. Also, the technology is all very cool.
As far as plot goes, DAMMN. I'm not gonna say much because I don't want to spoil anything, but I'm so interested to hear more about the things effecting Julis and Ayato (aka BACKSTORY).
Speaking of them, holy shit the character designs again are awesome! Not as great at Comet Lucifer 's were in my mind, but still pretty damn awesome.The fan service is a bit much for me, though.

Overall Episode 1 Impressions:

Visuals: 8 (that tech and swords really impressed me! I like the hexagonal transitions)
Animation: 8
Storyboard: 6.5
World/setting: 9
Character designs: 8.5
OP + ED: 9
Entertainment: 8
Voice acting: 10 (I love Saya's voice actor hahaha it's hard to be that ~mellow~)

Why I'm Going to Keep Watching:

Well, so far there's one real reason I'm going to keep going: SAYA!!!! I really like her! I also am dying to know more about Ayato's older sister (I'm not ruining anything by saying this). The vivid colors and interesting battle scenes really hooked me, though, and even after 2 episodes I'm still interested and want to know more the MCs backstories! I'm hoping they'll continue building this world!
Plus its a split 2cour so I pretty much have to just be in this for the long haul XD

So I'm in for the Festas!

How's everyone else finding Asterisk War?

If you know anyone who likes magical battle anime, share this with them! The plot isn't top level, but it's pretty good and they'd probably like it ^^
Should we try to do some sort of watch/discussion cards for when the new ones come out?
Why do I feel this will be very similar to "Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan" (long title I know) but even the animation looks similar and the characters as well xD I wonder if even the story would be similar
I'm watching that and calvary and yeah its the same but instead the male Mc in calvary is under power for once instead of being OP
Saw the first episode and was not impressed. Hope the following episodes will be better
i love saya
The only bad mark I will give it is if you watch this and go straight into watching Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan, it feels like they are the same anime. Both are great animes Im enjoying but to truly enjoy both you HAVE to pay attention to the story details or be lost in thinking you continued one over the other
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