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According to my good buddy and Vingler extraordinaire, @ChriSingularis, I am in fact Vingle's resident mermaid. I don't know how this all came about; ask him. But it was inevitable I suppose that I would combine my mermaid nature and my passion for ~LOVE~ sooner or later. So here it is, people – love advice from a mermaid!

What can we learn about romance from these big-hearted, half-fish ladies of the sea?

Well, one, that evil sea witches are ALWAYS out to getcha, so WATCH YO' BACK. But also some more serious stuff. Read on and be enlightened, my little guppies. <3

Sing as much as possible.

Mermaids have always been depicted as avid singers with beautiful voices, that may or may not lead men to their watery graves. Ahem. But I think this is a great habit! I sing all the time – in the shower, when I'm walking around and nobody's nearby, when I'm hanging with my friends... and you know what? It makes me feel really happy. It even gives me this weird sense of comfort, because it reminds me of my mom singing to me as a child. So remember, land-mermaids: sing LOUD, sing PROUD (literally and metaphorically) and be yourself!!

Know that you are beautiful.

One of mermaids' other legendary qualities is their vanity. Okay, don't be vain, but DO tell yourself at least once a day, "I am beautiful just the way I am." Seriously, say it to yourself. Ignore scales. Ignore societal standards of beauty. Ignore that evil inner voice in your own head telling you you're not good enough. Because you are – you are wonderful, fantastic, special, unique, and truly beautiful, inside and out. Remember, it's what inside that's most important. And you are worth more than you realize. <3

Take pride in your appearance.

Aaaaaand direct contradiction of myself. No, just kidding. But yes, right after telling you it's what's on the inside that counts, I'm going to tell you to spend a little time on your outward appearance. Not that you have to wear makeup, get all dolled up everyday, spend hours in front of the mirror... but hear me out. My theory is, mermaids feel so beautiful all the time because they PREEN all the freakin' day long. Yeah, if I gave myself a facial every week, worked out, washed all my makeup off before bed, flossed, brushed my teeth more often (I'm gross, I know), put time into figuring out what color lipstick looks good on me, bought myself a new dress once in a while... yeah, I'd feel pretty damn good about myself. Don't do it to impress anyone else; do it for YOU, if it makes you feel good.

Love should lift you up, not drag you down.

Love is supposed to be the greatest thing in the world. But sometimes, we fall for someone... and it hurts. Maybe they don't care the way you do; maybe they try to wound you intentionally. Whether it's emotional or physical, love should NEVER hurt. Your relationship should bring positive emotions and healthy experiences to your life. It should better you. Ariel's love for Prince Eric elevates her towards the sun, to happiness, hope, and a beautiful new life. It doesn't drag her down to a place of confusion, pain, and depression. Let's make sure our loves are that way, too.

The importance of BODY LANGUAAAGE.

When Ariel has her voice stolen by Ursula the Sea Witch (she uses the full title to differentiate herself from a land witch, I guess?), that octo-hag was all like, "Oh, and don't underestimate the importance of BODY LANGUAAAGEE! MWAHAHA ADULT REFERENCE!!" But in some sense, she was right. Not in the adult sense, I mean. But when you have feelings for someone, don't forget to show it! Sometimes shyness can get the better of us, and we miss out on really great opportunities. Be courageous and take a chance – throw some flirty eye contact your crush's way. You never know, they might respond in kind!!

Don't be afraid to make sacrifices for love.

Mermaids have big hearts – and if Ariel taught us anything, it's that sometimes love is worth risking everything for. She rebelled against her parents' wishes, forged her own path, and adventured into a whole new world for the sake of love. Now, I'm not saying you should ever forget who you are, or change your entire way of being for another person. But also, when it's a love that's worth it – when it's so right, and life-changing, and once-in-a-lifetime, don't let the odds throw you off. Hold on tight.
I hope you all have mermaid lovers in your life you can share this with!! Use the links on the sidebar to share it to their wall or on Twitter or wherever your mermaid heart desires :) I would much appreciate <3.
@RaquelArredondo awww thank you ^__^ you're so sweet!! Yes if you ever make any cards about Ariel definitely tag me 😁😁
@allischaaff I'll be sure to remember that haha but I really loved how you used her to get your points out there ^^ that's creative :D
@RaquelArredondo YAY I'm glad you liked beautiful!! :D Ariel is one of my favorite princesses XD
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