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It's our last Ladies Week discussion!!!

I know, I'm sure we're all sad. We've had some amazing discussions this week, and while I'm sure we'll all have many more in the future, this will be our last discussion for Ladies Week!
Fanfiction and fanart are getting more attention lately, but they're often denied critical examination. Fanart is dismissed as "not real" because the artists aren't using original characters (try telling DaVinci that his art didn't could because Jesus and Judas weren't his "original characters"), and fanfiction is frequently mocked. As "mommy porn", or the realm of immature fangirls that are obsessed with One Direction. And while there's nothing wrong with either of those groups enjoying what they like, to claim all transformative fanworks are like that is to over-generalize and dismiss a large part of fandom.
Let's consider these questions during this discussion:
Why do people dismiss fanworks? What makes a "fanwork" different from an original one? Where does copyright fit in?
Let's do this!
Let me know what you all think!
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@TiffanyPassmore oooh I'll do that right now :D
@Shannonl5 welcome, I put a comic on the Loki card I think you might like
I do understand where some readers of fan fiction are getting upset about the hyper sexualization of the characters. in fact, when I was in college I complained about the exact she thing. Most of the fiction that i was reading was all porn with it plot. after hearing me complain for a few months, a friend rho knew I was working on a novel told me to shut up and do something about it. so I started writing that night. so my series has plot, character development and porn. but it's a part of the development not the sole premise. I also make sure that there is a disclaimer dragging that I do not make any money from the alternate world I created.
there's a Loki card? he's my favorite avenger... lol I know he not an avenger but man is he hot
@GinTenma oooh I'll check it out ^_^ and @TiffanyPassmore I'll tag you in it when I do! Re: fic. I think what you're saying makes sense. Personally, I like both. I think of it the same way I think of traditional media. There's a lot of kinds of stories. Some porn. some porn with plot. Some plot-driven... there's a variety. And I think what bugs me is when there's this impression that fanfiction is all one thing when it's not. It's lots of different things to different people.