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Top 10 favorite anime/manga of all time! I know this can be super hard to knock it down to 10. So going over 10 is fine but lost the top 10 in best order possible and join the anime/manga lovers team and see how many different masterpieces are out there. We can even learn about new one. Feel free to explain why each anime/manga is in your favorites list and why, even favorite hero's and villians from them are welcome. Let's hear what you have to say my NAKAMA!
1.Ruroni Kenshin 2.Deadman wonderland 3.Attack on titan 4.bleach 5.Dragon ball z 6.blue exorcist 7.naruto 8.blue lagoon 9.inuyasha 10.chibi vampire
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1.Fairy Tail 2.Attack on Titan 3.Soul Eater 4.Akame Ga Kill 5. Soul Eater 6.Bleach 7.Fullmetal Alchemist 8.Death Note 9.Dragon Ball Z 10.Naruto
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1. Bleach 2. Naruto 3. DBZ my top 3, can't really rank after that haha.
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1. Dragonball z 2. Bleach 3. Naruto 4. SAO 5. Inuyasha 6. Attack On Titan 7. Fairy Tail 8. Full Metal Alchemist 9. One Piece 10. Blood+
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10.) Hetalia! The World Stars 9.) Shimoneta! A World Where Dirty Jokes Don't Exist 8.) Fairy Tail 7.) Gintama 6.) Death Parade 5.) Angelic Layer 4.) Say "I Love You" 3.) Kill la Kill (tits, sparkles, and explosions hell yes) 2.) One Week Friends 1.) Kyoukai no Kanata
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